Welcome to Vintage Electronic Services

I offer a range of services of interest to anyone wanting the preserve our "electronic past". While my main interest is vintage radios, the skills and equipment are also applicable to anything electrical or electronic. I have over 60 years experience with electronics. I started as a hobbyist when I was maybe 12 or 13, and eventually got a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. This led to a career with NASA, which then led to retirement a few years ago. In college, I held 3 hands-on jobs in the industry, working in manufacturing and test, and in a large test equipment calibration lab. All through my career, the hobby side stayed active.

For the past 5 years, I've been focussed on acquiring and restoring vintage radios. So far, I have specialized in the electrical side, but I have dreams of someday learning cabinet work.

Services Offered

I am in a position to take on most jobs related to electronics repair and restoration. I put these in 3 categories: Repair of a complete unit, Repair or re-building of components, and Services to help others who are working on their own equipment.

Electrical Repair and Restoration

I am prepared to tackle just about any kind of electrical apparatus that can be transported to my shop in Annapolis. (There may be exceptions where I will do something on-site).

There are a few things that I will not take on--e.g. TV sets and jukeboxes. If in doubt, ask.

Repair or Rebuilding of Components

This includes a wide variety of things, including coil winding, rebuilding of potted assemblies, and the repair or rebuilding of tuning capacitors or other mechanisms. I can take on a variety of speaker repair tasks, but I am not promoting myself as a speaker rebuilder.


I'm planning a variety of services for those that are working on their own equipment. The first offering is what I call the "Enhanced Schematic". The idea is to take whatever documentation is available and mark it up with various kinds of service notes. I have done things in the past that were some part of this vision, and people have reported that it was useful.

I'll eventually have a sample posted here but--in the interim, please ask.

Working Arrangements

For a complete unit--e.g. a radio chassis--the first step will always be an assessment and quote for the total repair cost. My basic minimum charge is $50, which will be applied to the final repair cost or--if you choose not to proceed--will include the return shipping cost. You are responsible for getting the equipment to me and--for completed repairs--you are also responsible for return shipping.

At this time, I am not setting up any kind of fee schedule--each task will be priced individually. Before you ship the equipment or incur the minimum cost, I will give you an informal estimate based on the make and model plus your description of the condition and symptoms.

For components, there is no minimum charge, and you are responsible for shipping both ways. Beyond this, the cost and terms will be quoted based on the specific task.

Getting Started

To start the process, simply send an e-mail telling me what you have and anything you know about its condition. Include the make and model number and at least one picture of the "guts". I will respond within 48 hours with an informal estimate and/or request for more information. I look forward to working with you!

Mark Herring ~ Annapolis, MD